What is FSM


Frequency Specific Microcurrent

The Latest in Chronic pain, injury and long standing complaints is FSM

FSM works by directly targeting cells on a sub-sensory level, micro-current therapy has a dramatic effect in healing and repairing the body in various ways:

Micro-current therapy is a rapid response treatment (within 24-48 hours) and treats numerous conditions in just a few treatments including; Inflammation, Back Pain, Muscle tension, Nerve pain, Sports injuries.

Further Information on Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

When an injury occurs to a tissue, the electrons in that tissue take on different vibration characteristics. The vibrations of electrons are different for each tissue type and each condition; with each frequency being specific for these tissue disruptions; hence the name "Frequency Specific" Microcurrent therapy. After the condition is assessed, frequencies are chosen and reconfiguration of the disruption in the tissues alleviates the problem. As the imbalanced electron frequencies are neutralized improvements occur.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent together to with herbs and massage helps the body heal faster. The mirco-current directly targets cells on a sub-sensory level; it has a dramatic effect in healing and repairing the body in various ways. Beneficial for chronic and acute neck and back pain, any inflammation, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, tendon ligament repair, and arthritis.

FSM Treats Numerous Health Problems:

Muscular pain and stiffness

Nerve Pain


Overuse Or Strain Injuries

PCOS, Endo


Urinary Tract Infections

Body Dysregulation or Incorrect Signalling



Macular Degeneration

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