Testing Service: Hormones, Allergies, Toxins, Heavy Metals, Environmental & Food Sensitivities, Oxidative Stress, Emotional Stressors, Miasms, Virus, Bacteria, Fungal, Parasites, Candida, Nutrient Deficiencies

Testing Service Available for Other Practitioners

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In a Craniosacral session the client is fully clothed and lies on a massage table. The practitioner will make light contact with the client using different hand holds. During the session, you may experience a sense of total relaxation or sensations like tingling, heat twitches, pulsations, tears, expansion.


Herbal Medicine

Clinical Quantum Nutrition Evaluation & Advice

Allergy Testing & Desensitisation

Live Blood Analysis

Urine Analysis


Microcurrent Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage



“ I feel so lucky to have found Susan. She has helped me improve my health so that I can live a normal life now without pain and lack of energy. .”

“Thank you Susan for our little boy who wasn’t possible until we came to see you. After four unsuccessful pregnancies we got pregnant straight away as soon as we were told our preparation was complete and go ahead after 4 months. The pregnancy was a breeze and our healthy wee boy is such a joy. My partner and I also feel wonderful and more healthy from the treatment to enable us to become pregnant..”

“After being to numerous practitioners and specialists I was referred to Susan and my digestive problems (IBS with complications) were all gone within a month after years of suffering and not being able to go out or away on holiday.. .”

“ I was on 5 different medications for my blood pressure and cholesterol. Now I am on a small dose of just one after nutritional and craniosacral therapy with Susan over the past 6 months. I feel much better in myself with more energy without the dizziness and rashes I was getting from all my medications. We worked with my Doctor to reduce safely and were monitored all the time.. .”

“Susan has such a lovely energy about her and just seems to know exactly what to do to find out what’s affecting my health and get me better. I have seen Susan over the last 3 years and could not do without her. .”

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