Microlight Electro Acupuncture

Microlight Electro-Acupuncture Therapy for Pain and Injury

Profound results without drugs, needles or uncomfortable stimulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Microlight is a unique treatment system for pain relief, injury rehab and facial rejuvenation. It combines two powerful modalities – microcurrent (frequency specific) and colour light therapy. Special wands or pad electrodes are used to apply treatment to selected acupuncture points and regions of pain, e.g. lower back, knees, shoulder, neck.

Absolutely not. Microcurrents are electrical currents in the millionth of amp levels, so gentle that you may not feel them at all. Yet microcurrent therapy has been proven to produce some of the most dramatic and rapid results for relieving pain and improving range of motion. Microcurrent is not the same as most other electrical stimulation devices you may have been previously treated with. Based on the principle of ‘Less is More’. There is NO discomfort and you will enjoy much more favourable results.

Microcurrent works so well because it helps the body balance and restore its own electrical functions when they go awry.  It is also well established that certain forms of therapeutic light can produce profound pain relieving and healing effects.  When combined together microcurrent and colour light therapy boost each other’s effects and speed results.  Microlight also works through the principle of resonance  - the ability of energy frequencies to influence and harmonise what they are applied to.

Typical treatments range from 30 minutes to 60, depending on the severity of the condition.  Moderate or recent injures are often relieved within 1-5 sessions, while severe or chronic pain could require 10 sessions or more.

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