Your initial consultation will take approximately an hour, depending on the complexity of your problem. The time for repeat consultations may vary from 30-60 minutes.

Please bring along a list of past and current medications, current supplements and any test results relating to your condition.

Your consultation will include taking an extensive medical, social, dietary, environmental and lifestyle history.

Through this I am able to build an impression of how your body is functioning, and make recommendations or prescribe remedies that are appropriate to this. A treatment plan will be formulated that may include a herbal, nutritional, dietary, flower essence, lifestyle, craniosacral, ERT counselling or Microcurrent prescription.

Bio-energetic Screening, iridology, urine analysis, kinesiology or other testing may be used as an adjunct during a consultation, there are a number of diagnostic tools used within each consultation to achieve the most accurate information about your health.


Points of Difference

To ensure you get the best possible testing and advice to facilitate speedy and positive health outcomes - my comprehensive diagnostic toolkit and state of the art equipment helps you to identify the underlying cause of your health concerns. Using The latest up to date scientifically proven equipment and remedies to help you achieve this as quickly as possible.

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