Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Allergies - Consider the Asyra® Option.

Do you suffer from

  • allergic rhinitis,
  • asthma,
  • atopic eczema,
  • anaphylaxis,
  • insect venoms,
  • drug allergies,
  • food allergies,
  • environmental irritants, or a combination of these?

Millions of people do. Unfortunately, there is little comfort in numbers when your life is affected—either seasonally, year round, or for a few intensely bad days or weeks—by the sheer discomfort, or even danger, of allergic symptoms:

Abdominal pain




Itchy skin

Runny nose

Swelling and hives

Constricted breathing





There are also many ways to find out whether you’re allergic to something.But unfortunately, doing so is often a frustrating exercise in the lengthy process of elimination.Treatments include allergen avoidance; antihistamines, steroids or oral medications; immunotherapy to desensitize the response to allergens; and targeted therapy.You are already familiar with the traditional examinations, tools, and pharmaceuticals used for issues like these, but there are additional options.

An Asyra® screening performed by your healthcare professional is a powerful new way to help identify health imbalances—and potentially appropriate remedies that could help you with these conditions. Ask us about the Asyra® today. Why should I schedule an Asyra® screening?

Because your healthcare is a matter of choice. Your choice.The Asyra® is a fully automated, FDA-registered hardware and software system that allows your healthcare provider to evaluate unique aspects of your health with information gathered through painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes. Today’s Asyra screening processes are rooted in concepts from the renowned Dr. Reinhardt Voll, who found that a human body’s electrical resistance and capacitance values have a direct correlation to health or pathology. Why is this significant?Because capacitive reactance is highly frequency specific, and by using the state-of-the-art Asyra system we can query your body with thousands of specific frequencies, assess the results, and better understand what is happening within your body. Loaded with numerous commonly used energetic tests—and over 40,000 homeopathic, nutritional, herbal, and pharmaceutical items—the Asyra is to help us find personalized solutions that satisfy your unique health needs. In many cases, we can even address difficult chronic issues. Let this advanced technology make a difference in your life. The choice is yours. Schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one now!

Says New StudyA new study shows the Asyra to be extremely effective in treating allergy patients. The study monitored the condition of 35 individuals suffering from the symptoms of allergies, over the course of 4 months. Of the subjects: • 25 were tested using the Asyra bio-resonant screening device and remedies were imprinted using the testing plate • 5 received a placebo treatment • 5 received no treatment at all Any change in the health of each subject was measured before and after the treatment.

Each red bar represents an individual’s symptom severity at the beginning of the study; the green next to it represents symptom severity for that individual at the end of the 4 months. From left to right along the X-axis, the first 25 subjects are those treated with the Asyra, the next 5 are the recipients of the placebo, and the final 5 were the control group. As you can see, both the placebo and control groups showed a slight deterioration in their condition, while subjects who received the Asyra remedies all saw an improvement of between 80%-90%.

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